Client Testimonials


Mary Patricia Dias

Mr Tye, This is  a sincere Thank You to you for giving me the freedom to move as I would like to…without  fear of pain or of falling.  What I really appreciated  most was the way you painstakingly explained  how though the mind wills one to be as active as...

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Harold Shaw

Thank you Mr Tye for attending to my chronic foot pain. I can walk more comfortably now. Mr Harold Shaw

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Celestine Fong

Dear Mr Tye Lee Tze, I cannot speak highly enough of the Orthotics In-soles which you prescribed for me two years ago. I need to be on my feet for many hours so I have been wearing them every day. Unlike before, I am now able to walk in comfort...

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Caroline Galus

The old adage ‘you never really appreciate something until it’s gone’ never rang truer. I never realised how much my activities were limited when my feet hurt. After using the orthotics you made for me, I’m able to run around freely again. It has made a world of a difference...

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Hello Mr Tye, The prescription orthotics that you made for Jodie has been the best thing to happen to her in a long time. These initial weeks have been something of a miracle for her – no foot pain, no aches and no discomfort during tennis practice, all because she...

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C H Scarff

I just wanted to express my thanks for the work you did in assessing my ankles, making up a set of custom orthotics and recommending appropriate shoes for my situation earlier this year. When I came to you, I mentioned that I couldn’t run 200m without pain. I’m pleased to...

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Ng Hanbin

I am a retired professional basketball player who had been a recipient of great help from Mr Tye over the past few years. With chronic pain in my ankles and Achilles for more than 5 years, I used to be doubtful about insoles as the discomfort in the initial phase...

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Sarah Pang

Mr Tye is my Podiatrist of choice for all my customised insoles. For Tennis Players, foot care is very important as our sport is high ground-impact. His exceptional care, attention to adjustments and willingness to find best solutions is something I really appreciate as a Professional Athlete. Ms Sarah Pang...

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Nur Syahidah Alim

“I’ve been visiting Mr Tye with complaints on foot calluses, which can be very painful to walk. Mr Tye is experienced and is gentle when treating my feet. He makes sure that I can walk pain-free. Highly recommended.” Nur Syahidah Alim TeamSG Paralympic ArcherWorld No. 1 Para Archer (2019 –...

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Ronald Susilo

Mr Tye Lee Tze (Podiatrist), Thank you for custom making my orthotics in my badminton shoes for me. They’re definitely helping me with my game. Ronald Susilo  Former Singapore National Badminton Player, Former Top Ten World Ranked Badminton Player, Singapore Sportsman of the Year 2005

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Mohan Apte

Dear Mr Tye Lee Tze, There was a time when I was going through a most frustrating part of my life. I could not run as was plagued by shin splints since Dec’06 and had tried virtually everything to get rid of them. Running as a means of busting stress...

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Steve McConnell

As a result of previous injuries, I had been experiencing chronic foot, ankle and back pain for years to the point that I could no longer enjoy my running. As a last resort I visited Tye at the Podiatry Centre who quickly diagnosed my issues and made me custom orthotic...

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Don Kennedy

In December, 1999 I suffered a freak accident while departing from the airport train at Hong Kong International Airport to retrieve a piece of luggage.  My right foot slipped in the gap between the train and the platform, resulting in serious damage to my foot and ankle as well my...

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Roger Fitzgerald

As a Physiotherapist working with Elite Sportspeople, I recognise and value the worth of custom made Orthotics in the prevention and management of pain and injuries. I refer my patients to Tye Lee Tze to be fitted with their custom made orthotics and he carries them out professionally and efficiently....

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Flat Feet & National Service

Lee Bing Xian

My father first took me to see Mr Tye when I was in primary school because of my flat feet. My father had heard that people with flat feet had problems with running and physical activities and he didn’t want that to happen to me. Mr Tye made custom-made insoles which...

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