Don Kennedy

In December, 1999 I suffered a freak accident while departing from the airport train at Hong Kong International Airport to retrieve a piece of luggage.  My right foot slipped in the gap between the train and the platform, resulting in serious damage to my foot and ankle as well my left knee.  I visited my doctor in Singapore and a therapist as well, and after a few weeks the arch in my right foot collapsed.

My Doctor advised me to visit Mr. Tye Lee Tze, a Podiatrist in Singapore, to be fitted with Orthotics for my feet.  I had never worn orthotics and was somewhat skeptical at first, but the pain I was dealing with was so severe that I knew I needed to trust Mr. Tye to help me.  I was fitted with two types of orthotics, one to wear with dress shoes and one to wear with golf and athletic shoes.  I went through an adjustment period of a couple of weeks to get used to them, but now almost seven years later (and after moving to Paris and back to the US) I still only go to one podiatrist to get my orthotics – Mr. Tye.

The objectives that I had in being fitted with orthotics were to 1) stabilize my right foot and ease the pain  2) be able to wear shoes as normal as possible  and 3) resume my hobby as a very avid golfer.  Mr. Tye has been a great consultant for me in regards to what type of shoes to wear in addition to making the right orthotics for me.

The best testimonial that I can give in regards to orthotics is how they have helped me to resume my golf and improve:  I won back to back club championships at Blue Canyon Country Club in 2004 and 2005, and my handicap has dropped from 8 in 1999 to a current level of 3.”

Don Kennedy

Vice President, Global Channel Sales & Marketing USA