Mohan Apte

Dear Mr Tye Lee Tze,

There was a time when I was going through a most frustrating part of my life. I could not run as was plagued by shin splints since Dec’06 and had tried virtually everything to get rid of them. Running as a means of busting stress and giving me high self esteem is a very important part of my life, and not being able to run was crushing. As you can imagine there were no resources (podiatrists, orthotists) available in India to tackle this problem. I tried OTC insoles, visits to physical therapists, orthopaedic doctors, shin strengthening exercises etc to no avail. Luckily my work gets me to Singapore and I decided to consult a podiatrist. I googled Singapore pages for a listing and found you. If you remember I wrote an email to you describing my conditions and was very pleased to receive a detailed response. It was then I decided to consult you. I was very happy that you performed a thorough diagnosis during my visit and took time to explain the problem to me. But the best was yet to come.

When I got my first ever pair of custom made orthotics from you, I was initially skeptical since I thought they may not be supportive enough. But I was so wrong. I have been using them with Asics GT 2110 stability shoes and the orthotics have been a revelation! Right from my first run, they fit me brilliantly and my shin splints have vanished. I was so happy, I got a second pair made. I must state here, that these 2 pairs have become my most prized possession (we have just finished with monsoons in Bombay and I have used the first pair very sparingly as I did not want them getting wet).

The second pair is safely ensconced in my closet, shall take them out only after the first pair have gone bad. My last 6 months of running have been pain free and I am thoroughly enjoying my runs. It would not have been possible without your timely intervention and I am grateful to you for giving me back my <running> life. 

Best regards,

Mohan Apte