About The Podiatry Centre


How do we want to be treated? With respect? fairness? the best, personal care? Then, that’s how we should treat others. This “Golden Rule” is easy to spew off but may be difficult to practise. Nevertheless, it’s the ideal – a lofty principle that The Podiatry Centre (TPC) has set as its core value and that the podiatrist, Tye Lee Tze, and his staff daily strive towards.

With practice, empathy becomes easier. After two decades of practising this rule since their first customer in 1998, it has become almost second nature. After all, in this fast-changing world, some things should never change – like this old-fashion Golden Rule.

To ensure the continuity of this core value, TPC has intentionally kept the clinic as a sole practice. It’s also why Tye has a hand in fabricating each and every one of his patients’ custom-made orthoses (specialised insoles).

Tye sees the patients he makes the orthoses for. He takes his time to talk with & listen to them and diagnose their issues. His patients leave his clinic assured and confident that their condition will improve because that’s how Tye wants to feel if he consults an expert. It’s the Golden Rule, remember?


years of clinical experience


custom-made foot orthotics handcrafted


satisfied clients


high performance, elite & national athletes treated

First Podiatrist in Singapore

As the first podiatrist in Singapore, Tye has a deep well of experience in all areas of podiatric practice that’s drawn from over 30 years of clinical experience in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore in both the hospital and private practice settings.

Working closely with many medical specialists, his approach is a wholistic form that takes the multi-disciplinary patient-centric approach. In this way, the patient gets the best of all areas of treatment.

Among the many medical specialists he has worked closely with are:

Since graduating from Queensland University of Technology in 1990, Tye has practised his university’s motto – university for the real world, which means the approaches must have a solid sound evidence-based foundation but they must be applicable in the real world. One example – Tye has found working solutions for ladies who fear they are destined to wear “grandma” shoes all the time.

At The Podiatry Centre, you will get the evidenced-based personal treatment that you deserve, the treatment that flows from the Golden Rule – to be treated as we ourselves would want to be treated.