Mary Patricia Dias

Mr Tye,

This is  a sincere Thank You to you for giving me the freedom to move as I would like to…without  fear of pain or of falling. 

What I really appreciated  most was the way you painstakingly explained  how though the mind wills one to be as active as before, one  should also pay heed to one’s physical condition—-To be what you are able to be without down-playing the physical condition.

From the eighties, I had on and off problems with my knees, and back….really painful. At times the backache would prevent movement so that even a step needed concentration and endurance. I even timed myself taking five minutes to cross a 12 foot distance. As this was not too often I went to GP, and later to an orthopedic surgeon. I was treated with calcium, other medication, heat and physiotherapy…but no matter what, the trouble kept recurring—though not very often.

Suddenly around 1995 I began to lose my balance and  over some time I fell down a flight of stairs twice and about five times face forward while walking down the road. I always put it down to pebbles, potholes or just sheer carelessness or distraction because I could and still can point out the exact spot where and  how I lost my balance. I thank God that I had no fracture and that there was always someone to help me up and even to escort me home safe.

Later as my feet occasionally felt numb I was asked to do a test to check the circulation in both legs, but that did not reveal any new information.

Finally in 2003, my daughter and son-in-law, and my grandchild who imitated my walk convinced me to visit them in Singapore and consult Dr. James Lee the orthopedic Surgeon. at Gleneagles. He covered all aspects with X-rays of my back, knees and ankles & diagnosed pronation and as he felt I needed orthotics he referred me to Mr Tye Lee Tze. He made plaster casts of both feet and showed us how due to Lateral Pronation     the body weight could not be supported. He gave me inserts to be worn inside shoes with a high arch and with ankle support, saying that they would last for three to five years….which they did.

Since then though I had to give up wearing heeled shoes I have been able to walk out on my own and  to date have not fallen even once. I am very comfortable and confident, when walking with my shoes and inserts and my walking stick.

In July, as it was almost three year since my first visit, I went back for a check-up and was happy to hear that the angle of both ankles (10 for left and 7 for the right) had not worsened and that the inserts were still in good condition. Mr Tye then strengthened the old inserts, made a fresh set of casts, possibly for future inserts to be made.

Many of my friends have told me how much straighter and faster I walk now.  Mr Tye confirmed the usefulness of a walking stick and said that I could walk provided I didn’t overdo things. I really feel more confident now.

Thank You Mr Tye,


Mary Patricia Dias (Age 70)

Mumbai, India