Keeping your feet happy

TYE LEE TZE, a Singapore podiatrist, cautions women against wearing spiked high-heels. “The shoes you wear now can cause pain and deformities into the future,” he says.

The wrong shoes can create back problems. leg pains, knee problems and toe deformities. Buy the right ones instead.

  1. Active? Sports, such as tennis, that see you running in different directions use one type of shoe, while activities such as jogging need another.
  2. Footwear should have plenty of room for the toes. Women should avoid wearing pointy-toed shoes.
  3. There should be one thumbnail-width from the end of the shoe to the longest toe while standing. “Some sales people will say the shoes will stretch to fit;’ says Tye. “That shouldn’t be necessary”
  4. Your feet tend to swell during the day, so it’s best to try to buy shoes in the evening.