Ask the Experts

This issue, we have Asha Macarn-Velasco, Lee Tze Tye, Martin John and Miguel Lopez answer our readers’ questions.

Lee Tze Tye

Recognised as the first podiatrist in Singapore in 1993, Tze Tye pioneered and headed the Podiatry service in Tan Tock Seng Hospital until 1998 when he left and set up his own private practice.


Is it true that washing your feet right after a long run is bad and may cause cramps?

Anthony Kuek, 22, Student

No. There is no evidence to support this. Also, the popular belief that cramps are caused by severe dehydration and large sodium chloride losses that develop during hot conditions has no scientific basis.


I noticed that since I started running the veins on the surface of my feet have become enlarged and bulging. They’re very unsightly and prevent me from wearing open shoes or skirt. What do I do to make them fade or disappear?

Anna Sim, 28, Marketing Executive

Unfortunately. this is part of the sacrifice you make as a runner. Like a construction worker will not have baby-skin hands, a regular runner will not have pretty feet. This is because of all the punishment the feet have to take “pounding the pavement”.