Sole Searching

Wearing the wrong sports shoes can cause a host of problems, but many people go for looks instead of comfort A few years back, Ms Ang Siew Li tried to run a full 42km marathon in a brand-new pair of sports shoes. At the three-quarter mark, the 33-year-old finance manager was forced to drop out …

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Keeping your feet happy

TYE LEE TZE, a Singapore podiatrist, cautions women against wearing spiked high-heels. “The shoes you wear now can cause pain and deformities into the future,” he says. The wrong shoes can create back problems. leg pains, knee problems and toe deformities. Buy the right ones instead. Active? Sports, such as tennis, that see you running …

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Does the shoe fit?

Before you buy that perfect pair of Christmas shoes, read this guide by podiatrist TYE LEE TZE on how to pick a pair that scores on the comfort, health and safety of your feet, knees and back. Walk into your favourite shoe store and you’ll hear at least a dozen pairs calling out your name. …

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